7 Destinations Not to Miss While in Croatia


Croatia gets busy between the months of June and August but the shoulder months are just as enjoyable when it comes to taking a boat tour. That is to say, you can enjoy the same fine weather during these months and visit the attractions without the crowds.


But what destinations and attractions should you actually visit?


In this article, we take a look at seven worthwhile destinations that you might want to consider on a boat tour in Croatia. And with more than one thousand islets, islands and reefs stretching along the coastline, these really are some of the most interesting sights.




1. Hvar Island for “A Little Bit of Everything”








Hvar is just a short boat tour away from the mainland. With quirky galleries, designer stores and iconic cobblestone streets, this is also very much a cultural destination. What’s more, Hvar is favored by the rich and famous for good reason. That is to say, there is something for everyone on the island, from golden beaches and friendly locals to world-class seafood and a buzzing social scene. It’s true, featuring a long lineup of cafes and beach bars, Hvar is the most lively and socially advanced island in Croatia.


Moral of the story: Hvar might be rather busy at peak season but the variety of amenities and things to do make this an excellent stopover at the very least.




2. Mljet National Park for Luscious Scenery






While most visitors to the islands will have heard about Mljet island, not so many realize this is in fact a National Park. Located in southern Dalmatia, this island is blessed with some of the most remarkable natural beauty in Croatia. More specifically, you can expect lush canopies and verdant landscapes in between turquoise water and stunning bays. Needless to say, you will need a boat tour in order to visit Mljet National Park but there are many options in this regard and the more time you can spend here, the better!




3. Korcula Island for Island Life in Croatia








Korcula Island was the birthplace for Marco Polo but there is much more to this landmass than most visitors know about. For instance, there is stunning architecture throughout the towns and a host of secluded beaches including the golden sands at Pupnatska Luka. When it comes to the interior, you will find rolling hills and luscious landscapes, and a number of high quality wineries which never fail to impress both tourists and locals alike. Indeed, Korcula is a lot quieter than most of the islands in Croatia but this will sound like music to the ears for most people taking a boat tour!




4. Vis Island as an Alternative to Hvar or Brac








Life on Vis Island seems to pass much slower than almost any other island in Croatia and this is certainly true when compared with either Brac or Hvar. In fact, you will find the perfect mix of infrastructure and relaxation on Vis, and plenty of time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of mainland Croatia. Now, that’s not to say the other islands are frenetic in any way but rather to explain just how peaceful life can feel on Vis Island.





5. Bisevo Island for an Encounter with the Magical Blue Cave








On Bisevo Island, the Blue Cave boat tour is undoubtedly the most popular attraction. After joining a boat tour, visitors are brought inside a grotto-like entrance which can often feel like some kind of portal to another world. As if that’s not enough, when sunlight enters the cave beneath the water, this light illuminates the cave in a truly magical way. Anyway, whatever happens during your time on Bisevo, make sure that you visit this world famous attraction and if Bisevo is not yet on your itinerary, maybe reconsider!




6. Drevnik Islands for the World-Famous Blue Lagoon








On the other hand, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular boat tours in all of Croatia and just a short ride from Split for those who visit. Just so you know, Blue lagoons are formed when a cluster of small islands are separated and a shallow lagoon appears in between. With this in mind, these tours will often focus on the most beautiful lagoons, the Drvenik and Krknjasi islands, which are nothing short of breathtaking. In fact, the transparency of the water in this region is unrivaled anywhere in the Mediterranean, not to mention the colorful coral underneath. It’s true, the Adriatic sea is renowned for having crystal clear water but the Blue Lagoon takes things to the next level. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, swimming or relaxing on deck with a sea breeze, this is an incredibly relaxing boat tour and way to spend a day exploring the islands.




7. Brac Island for a Memorable Adventure in Bol Town








Bol Town is situated on the island of Brac. For adventure seekers, the sometimes windy conditions make this an ideal spot for surfing and kiteboarding. However, Golden Horn beach (or "Zlatni Rat" in Croatian) is also known as one of the most stunning stretches of white sand in Croatia.


But what else makes Bol Town worth the trip?


Well, this vibrant sea-side town has a quaint little harbor and many restaurants, cafes and bars on either side. What’s more, the cobblestone streets and alleys are lined with geraniums during the summer and a peaceful promenade is dotted with gardens, sculptures and pine trees from one end to the next. Either way, this is small-town Croatia at its’ best and one of the most memorable destinations amidst the islands.




Final Thoughts!




As you may know, Croatia is one of the most exciting and interesting sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. What’s more, there are many boat tours that take in the attractions above, while offering visitors an opportunity to visit other regions of interest in the area. Either way, the above destinations are not to be missed and for those who have more time available, you might want to consider squeezing as many of them into your schedule as possible.