Rent a boat Split Croatia


Renting a boat in Split is probably one of the best things you can do to truly capture the essence of the magnificent location that Split, Croatia is. Nothing is quite like the feeling of vacation, planning, and anticipation.



And if you’re wondering about spending your free time in Split, Croatia then congratulations! You are officially one step closer to a holiday you always sought for – picturesque, relaxing and sun-kissed all over.


So, why rent it after all? Good question indeed, and it is all in the combination of beautiful details that all come together when considering to rent a boat in Split, Croatia. Let’s find out why! Shall we?



It All Starts with the Location



From the Greek colony in 2nd century BC to Byzantine city to the second-largest city in Croatia and a prime tourist destination filled with spectacular and cherished gems – Split has truly come a long way to conquer our hearts.


The alluring beaches here reveal stunning coastline filled with exotic islands, the terracotta roofs tell about wealthy past and peak in art and architecture while Roman Palace and many other historic sites add a fascinating backdrop of historic value and preserved heritage.


What does this have to do with renting a boat in Split? Well, a lot if not everything!


While you drift along sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea, both natural and man-made gems and finest highlights will be enjoyed from a different and fresh angle. This is your golden chance to experience Split differently than you normally would while having tons of fun at the same time.



Embrace the Diversity



It seems like the diversity was already mentioned above, but that’s just the beginning. The variety comes in with different aspects when renting a boat here in Split.

They come in different styles and looks, contrasting prices and distinctive specifications for all of them. There are 3 boats to choose from at the moment but the Adriatica Transfer team is working hard to give you more options as time goes by!


When you’re sailing with the boat, it is not just to the sea you are exposed to. Think of both quaint and busy bays, but all pretty and crystal-clear. What about incredible history from one side and a blue horizon filled with islands on the other? How about hidden gems without noise and hassle? It is all there to be discovered at once.


Different tours are also available if you are seeking guidance. From exploring stunning caves and unwinding in iconic islands like Hvar or gliding on pretty waters of Blue Lagoon and visiting UNESCO sites. All with passionate overseeing and confidence.



Experience the Path Less Beaten



There’s no secret that Split gets busy with travelers buzzing all around the city. Famous and beautiful islands like Hvar, Vis, Brac, Ciovo, and Korcula can get crowded too. While still worth visiting, renting a boat will open up the freedom to discover paths that are less beaten and yet to be crowded.


Uninhabited volcanic islands in the middle of nowhere sound like you? Meet Jabuka Island, a fascinating piece of rock surrounded by blue waters, all yours to discover!


Islands like Krknjasi will amaze you by its crystal-clear waters and surroundings. A quiet and small paradise among the big ones.


Maslinica port village is another superb example. From here, even more, hidden gems and islands open up, for one unforgettable island-hopping.


They are all located with good proximity from Split, and renting a boat will quickly turn you into a storyteller, rather than a typical tourist!



Craft Yourself an Unforgettable Celebration



Not sure where to celebrate a birthday? Or maybe a crazy bachelor party with best friends is waiting around the corner?


If you‘re seeking to make the day even more special with the boat renting in Split, Croatia, then spice it up and let the occasion be celebrated on board!


There‘s no secret that a simple thing like a boat will make everything just a little more special. After all, not every day we can raise a glass in the middle of the Adriatic sea and while the lovely background of cherished heritage and nature paints a picture worth millions.


Rent a boat and craft yourself an unforgettable day and celebration that you’ll bound to remember for a lifetime.



Renting a Boat in Split, Croatia: The Conclusion



There you go! Let all these points come together for the conclusion and a decision that is impossible to regret – renting a boat in Split. Every aspect mentioned about the city, the sea and beyond, complement each other more than fantastically.


And did you know that since 1998, Split has been host to the annual Croatia Boat Show? Coincidence? Not at all, because it seems that nature and man designed it to be a boating paradise all along. Are you ready?

Colnago 27

9 meters/ Widght 2.8 / 250 hp / Traveling speed 25 knots / Maximum speed 30 knots / 12 people / 550 € with skipper + fuel


11 meters / 3 meters wide / Traveling speed 27 knots / Maximum speed 35 knots / Max 12 pax / 700 € with skipper plus fuel

Highfield 860 patrol

12+2 / Travel speed 25 Knots / Maximum speed 30 Knots / 450 Eur + fuel


11m/ Plastic / 355ks / travel speed 25 knost / maximum speed 30 knots / pax12 / 900 Eur per day + fuel



Sacs 25d model

7.5M/ 225 HP / 12 + 1 Pax / Maximum speed 34 Knots / Private renting 420 eur + fuel / Captain included


length 11m/ width 3.5 m /engine 420 hp diesel/ cruise speed 26 knt /max speed 34 knt/ 500 eur netto +VAT+120 eur crew+fuel