Tours from Split you need to take


Split, Croatia’s second largest city is a Mediterranean paradise with azure water and beautiful coastline. There are over 1,200 islands with pristine beaches and deep-blue sea water set against the backdrop of nature. These islands are easily accessible from Split.



This city is even more vibrant and beautiful than seen in postcard-pictures and the ‘Game of Thrones.’ Split’s rich cultural history started at the time of Roman colonization over thousands of years ago. However, the modern city offers a buzzing nightlife, great food and many places to travel around.



You can book different tours from Split to explore the amazing islands, national parks, and surrounding cities. These tours are perfect day trips from Split to explore this beautiful undiscovered paradise. Sightseeing and Boat tours are the two types of tours from Split popular among tourists.


These include visiting Plitvice Lakes, Mostar and Herzegovina, Dubrovnik, Blue Cave, Blue Lagoon, Hvar and Bol and many more, especially with a Split boat Transfer

where you can go wherever you heart desires.



Stick to this list and explore the different tours from Split you need to take.



Let’s start from the beginning...




Top reasons to visit Split



 Diocletians palace Split




A city with UNESCO heritage site where you can marvel around. The Diocletian Palace is a well-preserved Roman ruin of the 7th century. Today it’s the leading commercial outlets in Split housing several restaurants and vibrant nightlife scenes.





Order Kava to experience the Dalmatian coffee culture which is a tradition Croatians treat. This is something special you find only in Split, Croatia.





Hit the pristine city beach Bacvice located at a stone throw distance from the Diocletian’s Palace.





Enjoy Split’s bustling nightlife and party unlimited all night. Split’s nightlife is so popular among party-lovers that you find many of them plunged from all over Europe.





Experience island hopping as they are located a short ferry ride from each other.




Visit other UNESCO heritage sites which are accessible by boat tours from Split.


Having said so, let us find out the most popular tours from Split which you cannot miss during your visit to Split, Croatia.


The tours from Split you need to take are categorized as below. Let us find the best tours from Split under each category.



  Cultural and Heritage Tour around the City of Split



  Tours from Split

to see Waterfalls and National Parks




  Split Boat Tours








Cultural and Heritage Tour around the City of Split



Tours from Split around the city are like travelling across time. There are plethoras of impressive cultural and heritage sites around Split which you can explore with city sightseeing tours.



Day trip to Mostar and Herzegovina



The highlights of the Tour:



    Experience the enriched culture of Mostar, the fifth-largest city in Bosnia.



    Enjoy walking across the famous Old Bridge over Neretva River.



    Taste local cuisine.



    Enjoy the natural beauty of the Kravice Waterfalls.




Credit Boucher-Harris Photography




Details of this tour:




Sightseeing in Počitelj




Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in culture and history. You can marvel around the beautiful Ottoman architectures and enjoy their beauty. The Počitelj castle is something you cannot miss to keep your camera ready.


This is a UNESCO world heritage site and a perfect place for tourists and history lovers alike.








Visit the beautiful medieval town of Mostar which is full of 14th-century historic sites. Over here you find the iconic Old Bridge which attracts thousands of tourists.


This bridge stands as a symbol of the Bosnian war and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.




Kravice Waterfalls



Kravice Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is undoubtedly one of the best kept natural secrets in Europe. You can enjoy unlimited swimming on the shallow emerald pool formed by the falls water. This is also a great way to escape from the summer heat.




Tour from Split to Dubrovnik




The city of Dubrovnik is also known as the imperial fortress city. It has a rich history with incredible cultural heritage sites, pristine beaches and picturesque Bars. Dubrovnik is also nicknamed as the Pearl of Croatia where tours from Split are a popular day trip. Let us find more about the tour from Split to Dubrovnik.




The highlights of the Tour:  



  Stroll around Stradun street  



Explore the city walls and fortresses.



Find out what why Dubrovnik is nicknamed as the Pearl of the Adriatic.  



Image by Ivan Bagić from Pixabay




Dubrovnik is one among the 8 UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Croatia holding many secret stories to share. You will find marvellous architecture, Pile Gate, D'Onofrio's Fountain and Franciscan Monastery as you stroll around the city. It is also known as the Stone City. You can marvel around the ancient streets and enjoy shopping.


You can also climb the high walls encircling Dubrovnik to enjoy breathtaking views from the top. Don’t miss the cable car ride to Srd hill and enjoy a panoramic view of the Pearl of the Adriatic. This picturesque city is also one of the most visited and photographed destinations in Europe.




Tours from Split to see Waterfall and National Parks




Split is not all about the sun and the sea. The National Parks are spectacular sanctuaries to find an experience in untouched nature. Let us learn to find in details about this beautiful tour from Split.



Krka Waterfalls and National Parks




Krka National Park is famous for a large number of beautiful lakes and gorgeous waterfalls. It is the best place to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. This national park is named after the river Krka which flows through the park. It is located in central Dalmatia near the city of Šibenik.



The park spread across an area of over 109 square kilometres with over 1,000 plant species, flora, fauna and beautiful waterfalls. Bilušići bulk, Brljanski slap, Roški slap, Skradinski Buk, etc. are some of the large waterfalls found over here. However, Skradinski Buk is Krka’s largest waterfall and the most spectacular Croatian natural sights.



The waterfall has a lake at the bottom where visitors love to chill during summer months and enjoy swimming.




Plitvice lakes Sightseeing




Plitvice Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for breathtaking scenic beauty. This is a full day tour from Split. During the day you discover beautiful lakes of Plitvice NP and Plitvice canyon. You also witness the magnificence of the highest waterfall in Croatia.




Highlights of the Tour:



  Find out what makes National Park Plitvice Lakes as one of the must-see destinations in the world.



  Feel the beauty of a panoramic boat ride over the Plitvice Lakes.



  Marvel the beauty of the Veliki slap waterfall.






Details of the Tour:



After a three hours scenic drive from Split, you reach the Plitvice national park. Once you reach, get ready to take a walk along the wooden paths floating over the 16 beautiful cascade lakes.



You can enjoy a nature walk across the Gornja Jezera and feel the mesmerizing beauty. Enjoy a boat ride to Donja Jezera and witness the biggest waterfall in Croatia, Veliki Slap.


This waterfall falls from a height of 78 meters. The entire area is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty to captivate your mind. The lake water forms a unique bluish-green colour and is definitely one of the world wonders.



It is tempting to dive in and swim in this clear tranquil water, but is it allowed?  




No, you are not allowed to swim as the water contains calcium carbonate which is not good for the skin.






Split Boat Tours  



Boat tours, Split are extremely popular and you visit popular islands like Hvar, Cres, Brač, etc. to experience the waterfront beauty that Croatia has to offer. These tours from Split are for a half-day or full day depending on the itinerary. In case you are visiting Split, boat tours split is something you cannot miss.




Blue Cave tour Split


 Blue Cave tour Split



The Blue Cave is a waterlogged sea cave located on the eastern side of the island of Biševo. You find some unbelievable unique natural lighting phenomenon giving the cave a dark blue hue.


This unique blue light colouration is formed because of the reflection of Sunlight entering into the cave. However, this unusual natural glowing blue lighting is best seen somewhere between 11 am to 12 pm when the Sun shines best to produce the best blue light effect.


This cave is made out of limestone rocks formed by the erosion from the Adriatic Sea. It was initially accessible only by diving before 1884 but later an entrance was built so that boats can enter the cave.




Common Questions




Can you swim in the water inside the Blue Cave?




No, you cannot swim as it’s a protected area.




What is the best way to visit Blue Cave from Split?



The boat ride from Split to the Blue cave takes around ninety minutes. Therefore, book a full day boat tour from Split to the Blue Cave and visit this unique natural attraction.



Blue Lagoon tour Split



Blue Lagoon boat tour




If you are looking to spend a relaxing day far away from the crowd during your visit to Split, Croatia, book a Blue Lagoon tour. The Lagoon is famous for its turquoise water giving great underwater visibility. It is an ideal place for water sports like swimming and snorkelling.



This Lagoon is nestled between the two Krknjaši islands on the beautiful coast of Croatia. On the way to this Lagoon, you also visit the 3rd Century Old Town of Trogir which is 2000 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage site.



This ancient town has charming scenic beauty and filled with rich historical culture from the Greeks, Romans and the Venetians. Take a stroll around the cobblestone streets and eat nice food as there are many eating joints.



This small town also has many ancient churches, towers, the fortress which are an example of the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex. The church of St. Lawrence is something you should not miss when you are exploring the ancient town of Trogir.



Common Questions



Can you find coral reefs under the blue lagoon?



No, there is no Coral Reefs but the lagoon water is immaculately clear giving great visibility of the underwater sea. You can also spot beautiful colourful fishes at the bottom of the lagoon.  



Can you see Dolphins anywhere near the blue lagoon?



Yes, Dolphin watch is another major attraction when you go for a Blue Lagoon boat tour. There are many areas surrounding the Lagoon to spot Dolphins in their natural habitat.



What is the best way to visit Blue Lagoon from Split?



Split boat tours are a popular choice of travellers as it takes you to the Lagoon in just thirty minutes. So, book a boat tour from Split and visit this amazing location.




Hvar boat tour split



 Hvar Boat Tour Split



Hvar is the most fashionable among all Dalmatian islands. Hvar Town has a lot of historic significance as you find many centuries old architectures.


The town has white-stoned Venetian renaissance buildings, boutique cafes and galleries full of precious artworks. Some of the best luxury hotels and seafood restaurants are located over here.


This island has some of the finest beaches where you can enjoy Kayaking and other water sports. Don’t miss the 16th-century cathedral when you visit Hvar.


This is a popular summer gateway and the harbours remain full of Yacht. You can also marvel around the vineyards and orchards when you visit Hvar.


This Croatia’s popular winemaking zone for the production of red wines from the Plavac Mali grapes.




Common Questions




What are the top tourist’s attractions to see in Hvar?



St. Stephen’s Cathedral, St. Stephen’s Square, Franciscan Monastery, Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower, Spanjola Fortress and Dubovica are some of the top tourist’s attractions to see in Hvar.




What is the best way to reach Hvar from Split?  



The best way to visit Hvar and explore the Island’s beauty is by boat. Boat tours from the split are popular that takes to this Island in less than two-hour time.



Bol boat tour Split



Golden Hvar Beach




Bol is the oldest town on the coast of Brac and located on the southern part of the Island. This charming town is a hot-spot tourist destination because of some unspoiled beaches and unique natural beauty. The highlight of this extraordinary tourist Oasis is the beach of Zlatni Rat or the Golden Horn.


Zlatni Rat is a unique ‘V’ shaped beach and one of the most beautiful beaches in entire Croatia. The Golden Horn beach is also the most photographed beach. In case you climb the highest hill of Brač, Vidova Gora you get a breathtaking panoramic view of this beach.


The most popular water activities in the beach area include diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and banana boat ride. Bol is only 15km away from Brac Airport and has excellent water connectivity with ferry-lines from Supetar. Bol is also a historic town with many ancient Roman edifices.


Bol is easily accessible from Split and boat tours split are quite popular among tourists looking for Island hopping. There are various kinds of boats available to travel to Bol from Split offering a comfortable ride.



Common Questions



What are the top things to do in Bol?



Spend time exploring Zlatni Rat Beach – This is a unique ‘V’ shaped golden sandy beaches extending over five hundred meters into the Adriatic Sea. Surrounding the beach, you find deep blue turquoise water with excellent underwater visibility. This beach also keeps changing its shape according to the wind and water current which makes it unique.  



Taste Local Wines – You cannot leave Bol unless trying the local wines available over there. These wines are produced from grapes purchased from the local vineyard. Take booze and relax after spending a day at the beaches.  



Visit Blaca Monastery – This historic building was initially set up by two Glagolitic monks date backed in the 16th century, later converted to a museum. Over here you find jaw-dropping ancient artefacts, books and many stunning exhibits. The four-hundred kilo piano and telescope are the most significant exhibits among them.



Visit Dragon Cave – This is an ancient cave, actually, a monastery date backed from the 4th century. The cave is located on a steep terrain from where you get amazing views of the sea.  



What is the best relaxing way to reach Bol from Split?  



The beauty of Split is its excellent water connectivity with all the islands in Croatia. Tours from Split for Bol runs daily and a boat takes you to the Island of Brac in less than an hour.




Final Verdict!



The jewel city of Split gives easy access to explore the surrounding countries and other Croatian’s islands. All of these are hidden gems as they take you through history and time.

This historic city has everything to mesmerize you and give a breathtaking experience. Tours from the Split are extremely popular as that is the best way to explore the city and beautiful islands. So, visit Split and enjoy these most popular tours listed over here.