Vacation time in the pandemic - how to travel safely?


Facemasks, hand sanitizers, travel size wipes, phone sanitizer..., items now neceesary in every traveling bag right next to swimming suits, suncream, camera and beach hat.

New times require new measures. Once easy traveling routine suddenly becomes interrupted by whole another dimension of packing and "old essentials" are now replaced with the "new ones".

In whole new mess created by Covid 19 traveling rules, the situation about preparing for holidays in the sun changes. With the holidays upon us all travelers are struggling with planning the perfect holiday during the pandemic situation in the whole world.
While packing, now the new, traveling essentials and items, there is always uncertainty about the plans, safety options, family members dealing with the stresfull situation etc.

It is hard sometimes to be optimistic and enjoy given time to relax and travel but it gets easer with time and experiece. The is no best possible tip or choice but there are for sure some good advices about minimizing stress and help everyone feel happy and safe about upcoming unusual holidays.


Important part about traveling is to always do the research about the places of visiting about the rules and obligations.Face masks are obligatory for traveling stations like airports and bus transport in most countries. Also, different countries have different regulations about COVID test before entering the country.
Doing the important research before is obligatory for making holidays as easy as possible.

Some objects and places are not open or they are working with certain regulations that need to be followed in order to enjoy the sevices they provide. Of course that depends on the country people are visiting. Anyway, there is a still a way to enjoy favorite food in restaurant or cool drink in the bar. Most places have hand sanitizers and the staff is wearing masks, so the level of safety is higher with the applying those standards.
Also, always wear your maks and sanitizers with you just in case you need them.

There is no magic pill to make this situation go away. There is no 100% method that will prevent catching the virus but all of those things help put the minimum possibility of happening.

The world has turned upside down but it has not stopped yet. There are better days coming and sunny summer yet to be enjoyed. Little bit different and more caotious, but still sunny and warm.

Be careful, be responsible and be safe.